WHAT IS The Big Kansas Road Trip?

13February 2019
Let me explain.

Kansas communities are bolstered by people who love to explore. How can we help grow that audience?

What if we showcase maybe two or three counties on a designated long weekend?

Maybe we could get people hooked by modeling how to explore, by providing all sorts of places to see and do.

The idea is to get people onto back roads and into Kansas towns to actually see places (not just look at brochures), to actually eat in local cafes (not just see pictures of food), and to talk to and get to know the locals (not just see them as statistics).

You can tell people about a good piece of made-from-scratch pie but it's nothing like actually smelling the aroma of it and taking that first bite and making swirls with the filling that drips on the plate and  mixing it with the little pieces of sugar-y crust. Eating a pie in the location it's made is priceless. There is nothing like being there.

The Big Kansas Road Trip is designed to turn people on to exploring by doing it and to do it in a way that will help sustain our communities.
Do you know why Oscar's in Hoxie has a longhorn outside its door? 

Because Michelle Foote, the owner, remembers one lone steer in her dad's cow herd! She's now named her restaurant after that steer and has called it Oscar. Inside you'll find modern decor that helps you focus on the espresso, the French press coffee, gourmet boards, and healthy specials.

How do you get a ride on the carousel in Wilmore? 

First of all, how does a town of 55 even have a first-rate carousel? That's crazy but Wilmore has one because Ernie always wanted one. You just honk your horn and Ernie will come out, open the doors and give you a wonderful ride!



...people who have never been to your towns and countryside before fall in love with what rural communities offer?

...the charm of the unexpected inspires people to get hooked on exploring all over the state?

...they are a thoughtful audience, spend money, and tell everyone about their experience?
It could all be a really good thing.
All communities have to do is be the best
they can be at being themselves.