Affordable online advertising.

Can't afford a print ad but want to reach BKRT visitors? We're offering online advertising for $50 a listing. The ads will show up in the designated page if you choose to list as an Attraction, Event, Business or Restaurant. All advertisers are required to be locally-owned businesses and located in the three current host counties.

Ads will look the same as the other entries but will have the yellow banner and star in the top left hand corner with the text "Road Trip Backer" as seen in this sample photo. 

Ads can be purchased until May 1 and will be live after the BKRT ends through the summer months.

We accept all forms of credit cards. Click on the button below to fill out the form with your information and send a quality, high resolution photo or logo to

To see how the list of entries see "Things To Do" on the blue bar of the home page.

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